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Functions of Packaging in eCommerce Fulfillment

June 9, 2022

6 min read

Packaging plays an important role in shipping and the delivery of goods. It is needed to shield the shipment from any external damage. Packaging also plays a vital role in shaping the customer’s opinion about the brand. It is the first impression your buyer has about their shopping experience. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the packaging you use to ensure a positive unboxing experience for your customers and ensure that they receive the package in proper condition. In the fulfillment center, your packaging needs to be in order if you want to provide a low order-to-ship time to process your incoming orders accurately. If your packaging isn’t timely, it can lead to severe delays, and courier partners don’t ship without them! Because of all these reasons, the packaging is more than essential to your eCommerce fulfillment supply chain. Let’s look at the intersection between packaging and warehouse management and tips to help you fulfill friendly packaging. Let’s get started. 

eCommerce Packaging and Fulfillment

Any type of packaging used in your supply chain must be strong enough to withstand any external pressure or friction it faces during transportation in the warehouse and when it is being shipped to the customer. In freight shipping, several factors affect the product. For example, most carriers utilize LTL shipping for taking the product to the delivery hub. This involves shifting the package between trucks for maximum optimization. If your product isn’t packed thoroughly, it can face severe damage. Fulfillment of orders requires your product to be secure and sealed to make it resistant to damage. 

Also, the type of packaging you use decides the amount of money you will spend on labor and secondary resources. If your packaging is very elaborate, its processing will take up more time in the supply chain, and you will need to hire a more workforce to carry out the task. Hence, your packaging is also directly proportional to the costs your bear in the supply chain management. 

How Does Packaging Help With Warehouse Management?

Minimize Damage

The first role of packaging is to minimize damage. The shipment is transported to the warehouse facility after being packaged. It is placed on shelves, loaded, unloaded from docks, etc. One damaged freight can lead you behind on several orders. It can cause serious harm to your supply chain costs. Hence, ensure your products are appropriately packaged to reduce the chances of damage. 

Space Management in Warehouse

When packaging is timely ordered and replenished in the warehouse, it can help you efficiently manage space, speed up the fulfillment process, and help you process orders much faster. Furthermore, you can dedicate a specific area to packaging in the warehouse and operate its operations. It will free up time for your workforce to focus on the fulfillment process, and you will not have to hire an additional crew to handle your packaging. 

Easy Transportation

Next, if your shipments are adequately packaged, you can transport them better and save on shipping costs. Also, proper packaging means less shipping costs as courier companies measure the dimensional weight of the package, which takes into account the dimensions of the final package. Appropriate packaging would ensure a steady flow of goods to the end-user without any hiccups or damages. 

Why is Packaging so Important?

Safe Delivery

The foremost importance of packaging is safe delivery. It ensures that the package does not get damaged during transit or in the warehouse facility. A damaged package can bring a lot of perceptions of your brand. Therefore, you must package the product correctly to ensure safe delivery. 

Delivery Experience

A damaged package means a negative delivery experience. Customers won’t accept a damaged package, and you will lose customers. To ensure a happy delivery experience, you must provide proper packaging. 

Brand Recall

The packaging is the first impression your customers have about the brand. If your package has dents or scratches, the customer will automatically have a negative image of your brand. So, it is essential to be mindful of your packaging for a positive brand recall. 

Tips for Fulfillment Friendly Packaging

Use Lightweight Material

The first tip for fulfillment-friendly packaging is to use lightweight packaging material, so it is easy to move around inside the warehouse. This way, your team can quickly move it from one station to another without wasting much time. 

Choose Suitable Boxes

When you have limited SKUs, assigning a suitable box to each SKU for clarity makes sense. This will help you optimize the packaging, reduce any weight disputes you have with courier companies, and speed up the fulfillment process for your business. 

Pack Tightly

Packaging the product tightly with little to no free space will help you reduce any damages and allow you to utilize secondary and tertiary packaging. Furthermore, you will be able to reduce the amount spent on dunnage. 

Sturdy Boxes

Sturdy boxes that can be stacked upon one another are a considerable savior for your fulfillment supply chain. If the boxes are not sturdy enough, they will crumble under pressure and not be suitable for protecting your products. 

Trust the Fulfillment Experts

Eventhough you can manage your packaging and fulfillment yourself, you need to dedicate a particular team or additional time in your day to ensure that it is carried out efficiently. This is where 3PL fulfillment providers like Shiprocket Fulfillment can help you.

Shiprocket Fulfillment has fulfillment centers located across 35 locations in the country. These fulfillment centers are equipped with the latest technology to process orders faster, reduce weight discrepancies, and ship out orders quickly. You can ship your packaging materials to the fulfillment centers to ensure that your brand is reflected on all your packages. Our efficient team will handle the fulfillment operations for your business, and you can deliver 3x faster, reduce shipping costs, and ensure successful delivery. 

Final Thoughts

Packaging must go hand in hand with fulfillment. It is integral for your business to flourish and have a fulfilling experience for your customers. Spend some time planning and sourcing the type of packaging you use to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the supply chain. Trust fulfillment experts like Shiprocket Fulfillment carry out these operations for your seamlessly. 

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