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B2C, B2B, or marketplace – we fulfill all types of orders for every kind of online
business with unparalleled efficiency, making it easier to offer same-day and
next-day delivery at scale.

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Leverage our world-class order fulfillment capabilities.


Operational accuracy

1M+ units

Storage capacity

150K+ orders

Fulfilled monthly

Upto 50K sq. ft.

Warehouse area


Same/next day delivery

1M+ units

Storage capacity


Fulfill more than expected

Gain and maintain a competitive edge.

  • More efficiency

    Leverage our operational expertise to reduce RTO losses by upto 60% and weight discrepancies by 100%

  • More scalability

    Our expansive storage capacity combined with WMS & OMS ensures you’re able to manage spikes in demand easily.

  • More coverage

    Enjoy omnichannel fulfillment for all your B2C, B2B & marketplace orders across our widespread network.

  • More customisation

    Whether you need temperature-controlled storage or customised packaging, get tailored solutions.

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Everything you need, fulfilled with speed

Reliable eCommerce fulfillment solutions beyond just picking, packing and shipping.

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    B2C fulfillment

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    Inventory preparation for marketplaces

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    Quick commerce – Rush & Rush+

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    B2C shipping

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    Self-fulfillment for prime

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    Quality check

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    B2B fulfillment

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    Temperature-controlled storage

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    Stock refurbishment coming soon

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    B2B & cargo shipping – Rocketbox

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    Inventory kitting

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    Marketplace integration

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    Custom packaging

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Inside a Shiprocket
Fulfillment center

Helping 1000+ sellers grow the extra mile

For a business in eCommerce the utmost concern is the timely dispatch and delivery of orders. We trust Shiprocket and insist that businesses use their fulfillment centers. We plan to expand our operations in different cities with them.

Raghav Gogia- Business Development Head

Dolfeia Skincare

Coming from a tier 2 city like Kanpur we found it very difficult to deliver orders on time. Shiprocket helped us stock our products in multiple warehouses across the country which helped us in decreasing our delivery timelines.

Santosh Kakkirala- Manager, Operations


From day one, we have been working with Shiprocket. Right from onboarding to integrations, they have been very supportive. Kudos to the Shiprocket team for enabling us to go nationwide.

Nakul- Founder


Because we have glass bottles, there used to be a lot of breakages earlier. With Shiprocket Fulfillment all our problems have been taken care of. They have good quality checks and all the processes are very smooth.

Sarah Sarosh – Founder & CEO

Impulse Coffees

It’s fast, It’s immediate and a lot more cost effective. The beauty of it is that we just need to maintain stock at their warehouse. They take care of which order comes from which channel, how it needs to be packed and how it needs to be clubbed.

Vanshaj Kapur

Co Founder- Homemade Love

Fulfillment that makes a difference

Criteria Shiprocket Fulfillment Traditional 3PL Provider Rented Warehouse
4-Hour Delivery
Single Interface
Real-Time Tracking
Courier Integrations
Pre-Integrated Channels
Nearness To Customers
Inventory Bundling
Custom Packaging
Actionable Analytics
Ease Of Operations
Low/No Infrastructure Investment
Operational Expertise
Order-Surge Handling
Time To Onboard

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