How Does This Work?

Step 1 :

Identify The Number Of Orders You Ship Every Month
Get an estimate of your pick and pack fee. The more you ship, the more you save.

Step 2 :

Determine The Average Product Weight
Choose the weight bracket under which your product falls.

Step 3 :

Choose Your Packaging
Best quality packaging material at minimal costs. Bubble wraps can only be chosen along with any one of the two packaging materials i.e. box or poly bag. Safe parcel equals happy customers.


Monthly Orders

Inbound Cost
Cost of all items received in the fulfillment center. Inclusive of the weight item category and total number of outbound shipments in a month.
Outbound Cost
Cost of items that are shipped from the warehouse. Dependent on the weight category of item, the total number of outbound in a particular month, and the uniqueness of SRPIN.
Packaging Cost
Cost of the packaging material chosen for shipments.
Per order cost
Cost of processing each order.
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Helping You Streamline Your Order Fulfillment

Enjoy hassle-free warehousing & distribution with an experienced staff, data-driven platform, and the right pricing.


A Fulfillment Model Designed For You

No additional warehouse investment or storage cost for 30 days from receiving the inventory in the fulfillment center. Plan and set up seamless order fulfillment for your business.


One-Stop Platform For All Your Needs

Make the most of your fulfillment plan by leveraging our one-stop platform for order management, inventory management, order fulfillment, and more.


Right Plan At The Right Pricing

We help you reduce the risk of return orders by bringing quality to your delivery. Leverage our fulfillment program for lower freight and inventory handling costs, no storage fee, and more.


A Single View For All Your Inventory

Manage your inventory for all your sales channels under a master catalog. Hassle-free management guaranteed.


Fastest Delivery At Lower Costs

We store your inventory at a fulfillment center closest to your buyer. With multiple pickups in a day and reduced weight discrepancy issues, you deliver faster at the lower costs.

Deliver Happiness and Grow Your Business.

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