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Things to Know About Shiprocket Fulfillment’s 1-Day & 2-Day Delivery Services

June 24, 2021

5 min read

With the changing dynamics of eCommerce in the country, customers are now looking for faster delivery options like one-day and two-day delivery. The line between offline and online shopping is slowly diminishing, and what is ordered online must reach the customer within 1-2 days of ordering. Marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart are making it possible, and expectations are only on the rise. Now, if D2C brands don’t catch up, you will need to join the bandwagon of marketplaces and put your brand name on the line. But how can you deliver quickly to every nook and corner of the country? 

We have the answer – Shiprocket Fulfillment

Shiprocket Fulfillment provides you access to equipped fulfillment centers along with a skilled team that fulfills all your incoming orders seamlessly. All you have to do is ship your inventory to the fulfillment center, and we will take care of the rest. Moreover, we will also help you achieve the expectation of express delivery and delight your customers with an impeccable delivery experience. As a result, you will not only improve your delivery performance but also reduce RTO for your business and increase repeat purchases. This is the impact express delivery has on your business. Let’s learn more about express one-day delivery and 2-day delivery and how Shiprocket Fulfillment makes it happen for your business.  

What is 1-Day and 2-Day Delivery?

1-day and 2-day delivery refer to express shipping wherein the customers receive the product they have purchased within the stipulated period. Standard shipping takes atleast 3-5 business days, but customers want quicker action on the delivery due to the changing expectations. 

When we talk about 1-day and 2-day delivery, it means that the entire eCommerce supply chain is expedited, and orders are processed 2x faster to ensure that the customer receives a correct, packaged product that fulfills their expectations. Therefore, the products are shipped even quicker to ensure that the courier company gets the products on time and dispatches them to their last-mile team to get deliveries fast.

Need for 1-Day and 2-Day Delivery

One-day delivery and 2-day delivery have become the need of the hour as more and more customers are switching to online shopping. With increasing competition in the space, many marketplaces and websites with elaborate infrastructure provide next-day delivery, making D2C brands seem slow in their approach. The final delivery is the ultimate test of the user experience and if the customer will shop with you again or not.

Also, customers, today cannot go to the market as conveniently as they did before. This has increased the pressure on eCommerce companies to deliver faster to stay relevant in their customer’s minds.

A survey found 56% of GenXers and 55% of Millennials prefer online formats to physical stores. Since most of the population in India is the youth, the demand for express delivery is only going to increase in the future. 

With increasing internet penetration and eCommerce expanding to tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India, you have to amp up your delivery service so that your customers return to your store when making a purchase. 

How Can You Achieve 1-Day and 2-Day Delivery with Shiprocket Fulfillment?

Equipped Warehouses

Shiprocket Fulfillment offers you access to thoroughly equipped warehouses located in eight cities across the country. These include Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai, Surat, etc. 

These warehouses have warehouse management systems and other technological advancements already installed. In addition, they are built to scale up to 90,000 orders per day, so you can ensure that every order that comes into these warehouses will be processed seamlessly. Also, since these warehouses are located in key locations across the country, you can ensure faster delivery for your business. 

Store Inventory Closer to Buyers

As mentioned before, the eight warehouses are located in different shipping zones across the country. This means that if you have an audience in the South, you can easily store your inventory in our Bengaluru warehouse and reduce the delivery time marginally. This will also save you on shipping costs, and you will be able to scale your business in other dimensions.

Skilled Team

A skilled team runs every fulfillment center. This team has been trained to take care of every process involved in fulfillment accurately process each of your orders with 99.9% accuracy. This is hugely beneficial for your business because if the order processing team is trained and skilled, the order processing time is reduced by a considerable margin, enabling a seamless 1-day and 2-day delivery for the courier companies.

3x Faster Delivery

All the above points lead to a faster delivery for your business. Not just this, Shiprocket Fulfillment also has a tie-up with several courier partners that Shiprocket powers. With a comprehensive network of fulfillment centers across the country, along with a strong network of courier companies and pin codes, you get access to a wide reach and a seamless fulfillment operation. This ensures that you can provide a 1-day and 2-day delivery experience to your buyers so that they receive the product as soon as possible. 

Your incoming orders are processed end to end so that the customer has a delightful expedited delivery experience and returns to your store when they want to shop again. 

Reduced Order-to-Ship Time

An essential component of the Shiprocket Fulfillment centers is the reduced order-to-ship time. Many marketplaces have stringent requirements for fulfilling orders in a stipulated period. This can get daunting for you as you might not have the infrastructure to cater to it. However, when you outsource your fulfillment operations to a 3PL fulfillment provider like Shiprocket Fulfillment, you enable your business for faster order processing and even quicker deliveries. 

Final Thoughts

1-day and 2-day delivery might seem like a dream for DTC businesses. However, with 3PL fulfillment providers like Shiprocket Fulfillment, you can easily access this necessity and ensure your business is on the top to fill orders for your customers. 

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