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Warehouse Order Picking Strategies for Guaranteed Success

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

January 19, 2021

5 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic dashed through the busy aisles of the world of commerce and changed it, not just for the worse, but also for the better. Overnight, we changed the way of doing business! For instance, eCommerce started witnessing eye-opening success, and the shift from offline to online began to come naturally to us. And let’s not forget that online sellers started witnessing an upsurge in order volume, hence, giving traction to third-party fulfillment centers and logistics facilities.

It is important to never forget that once you get an order from a customer, a series of events happen to ensure that it is delivered to their doorstep in a seamless fashion. And to enable a streamlined logistical experience, it is crucial to partner with an eCommerce fulfillment brand with the right tools and expertise. Hence, as an online retailer looking for the perfect warehousing model for their business, you must have a fair idea about the various warehouse picking procedures.

Types of Order Picking Procedures 

Discrete Order Picking 

This may be the simplest way to pick an order in a warehouse, as it requires a bit of a manual touch. The picker has to select and scan every order one-by-one, which entails higher accuracy. Do you know why? Because if the picker selects and scans the wrong product, the machine will alert him of the same, immediately. And this way of warehouse picking may be simple, but is also the most effective one of the lot. Fewer mistakes in locating the right product mean that you get to deliver the right product to your customer, implying a great level of satisfaction. Usually, this method of order picking works when the storage facility is small and the staff count is considerably low.

Batch Picking

One of the benefits of this method is the reduced travel time in the warehouse. Pickers and packers choose a batch of orders at the same time, one SKU at a time. For example, the warehouse receives multiple orders with the same SKU – it would be advantageous to opt for this procedure of order picking because the picker would only need to travel to a single location where the product with the same SKU is placed. This way, it would be easier to fill multiple orders at once, without having to travel around the floor. 

Zone Picking

This is also known as the ‘pick and pass’ method. Every storage facility is divided into different zones. Each zone is allotted to a picker, who must pick all the SKUs located in that zone, even if for multiple orders. In case, an order is decorated with SKUs that are present in different zones, the order is completed after it passes through each zone. 

This method of warehouse picking is effective in a large warehouse that receives a huge number of orders. Also, the chances of error decrease as each picker gets familiarised with their assigned zone. 

No wonder third-party warehousing is basking in the glory of high demand these days! Because it blesses your business with the power to provide streamlined order fulfillment experiences to your customers. 

SR Fullfilment

Cluster Picking 

In warehouse storage – a group of orders are pieced together into a cluster, for picking. This methodology allows the picker to process multiple orders at once. As opposed to batch picking, this method of order picking allows the warehouse executive to pick an assortment of SKUs for multiple orders. There are different ways to conduct this procedure – 

Pick to Cart 

The picker will make a single pass through the picking zone and drop the SKUs in the cart from the picking location, as per the provided orders. This helps to reduce travel time for the picker and increase productivity, hence reducing the chances of error. 

Vertical Lift Modules (Carousal Operations)

This mechanised way of warehouse picking involves a series of carriers whose mobility is powered by a motor. To pick an SKU, the picker may move this automated vertical rack forward or vertical. It’s an advanced way of picking an order because the picker doesn’t have to go to the SKU himself to retrieve it. 

Wave Picking

You’re looking at a way of picking orders that is somewhat similar to discrete picking but not quite there. Wave picking is all about coordinating with the different parts of the order fulfillment process like dispatch and transportation plans of a particular order. Orders are assembled and picked in batches at several specific times of the day (also known as ‘waves’). This helps to optimize the shipping operations and enhance the productivity of the picker, as well.

Shiprocket Fulfillment – Partner with this Efficient Army of Order Pickers Today! 

If you’re wondering why you have to sit through an article about the various methods of warehouse picking for frictionless order fulfillment, let us assure you that the above information is instrumental for someone who is looking to find assurance in a third-party warehousing model. There is an army of specialists waiting to process orders on your behalf and deliver them to your customers safely. For more information on the importance of partnering with dynamic warehousing services – you must click here to read extensively.

With Shiprocket Fulfillment – your business can easily accommodate a last-minute spike in order volume, get access to cutting-edge technology for effective order processing, avail speedy delivery, and reduce RTO. And all of this without having to pay for the first 30 days of storage! 

Because there’s one thing that the ongoing pandemic is teaching us right now – Work Smart, Not Hard! And what smarter than making use of cost-effective automated warehousing and order fulfillment solutions? We can’t think of a good alternative. Can you? 

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