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Top Tips for Effective Logistics Management

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

June 3, 2021

4 min read

A combination of automation of several workflows, efficient workforce, and combination between all functions is requisite for the smooth functioning of the supply chain for any business. A business’s success depends on the effective management of logistics operations and their implementation. But there is always room for improvement – it is a constant process.

Logistics Management Tips

As the business grows and expands, the logistics processes must also be updated and streamlined to improve the output and make the process effective. To help you in this, we have compiled a list of actionable tips for effective logistics management.

Logistics Management Tips

The following are a few tips to help you run your supply chain process smoothly:

Logistics Management Tips

Determine your Logistics Goals

The success of a logistics company majorly depends on the company’s ability to collect and deliver products from one location to another, as per the customer’s expectations. In addition, it also requires building a strong relationship with the clients, increasing efficiency, and generating more revenue.

For all these efforts, you need to first define goals for your logistics business and transportation. As you define goals, it is crucial that you also set targets to keep a tap on your growth. With the set goals and targets, you can examine your progress and plan new strategies to accomplish the tasks.

Contingency Plan

No plan is foolproof. The situations around keep changing and so there is a need for change in the execution plan as well. No one can ever predict what may go wrong and when. Therefore, you may face many unforeseen circumstances in your business operations from time to time. To deal with these circumstances, you must have a contingency plan in hand.

You can play offensively instead of handling the situations as they arise by developing a contingency plan. With the plan in hand, you can address all the problems in real-time if any unforeseen situation arises.

Leveraging Automation

Like all industries, the logistics industry is also making a shift from a manual process to automation. Data collection and its analysis play a critical role in the supply chain and logistics management process. Automation in the process can assist in inventory management and make it an effortless process. You can also know where breakdowns occurred and why. This information is important to offer the best service to the customers. A customer blaming your company for a failed delivery can be harmful to your business’s reputation.

SR Fullfilment

Regular Employees Communication

Effective communication can break or make your company. It has the potential to strengthen your company’s image among the customers.

Your employees’ behavior affects the quality of your process directly. By improving and strengthening their ability to communicate well and efficiently perform their jobs together, you can improve the logistics management process and customer experience with your company.

Having the conversation in the first place is the key to open and effective communication. Make sure that all the key account managers are talking to their staff members regularly. Meetings can also be held for effective communication. When employees communicate, they share critical information about the process with each other. In turn, this can lead to improvement in the processes and customer service.

Keep your Customers in Loop

Excellent customer service is the most important for effective logistics management as customers are the most valuable asset for a business. They are the source of revenue generation, influencing peers, and also promoting your business through word-of-mouth among family and friends. That is why it is important to offer total transparency during the purchasing process.

When customers know about every step involved in the delivery process, their pre-purchase, purchase, and the post-purchase journey is eased out. Your company has a great opportunity to shine through this process. All you need to have is an effective communication system that comprises confirmation SMS, emails, package tracking numbers, and the company’s contact number to resolve all the customer’s queries.

Data Collection & Analytics

Logistics network management and optimization are incomplete without integrating data and analytics to monitor the ups and downs in your industry. With data analytics, you can get insight into the industry and accordingly make plans.

Service Ideas for the Competitors

One of the best places to gather ideas is from those who offer the same services. Take cues from your competitors about the activities they are performing to approach the customers. Take notes of how the competitors manage their logistics. This information can help you improve your overall process.

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