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Smart Warehouse Technology To Use In 2024


Malika Sanon

Senior Specialist @ Shiprocket

September 7, 2022

5 min read

Day-to-day warehouse management can cost a lot of money, effort and time. It is one such arena continuously growing in need and is still one of the most neglected areas. 

This can negatively impact the functioning of the warehouse and the supply chain, which could further result in loss of sales, shipping delays, and so on.

Smart Warehouse

In this modern age of technology, you can leverage innovation and implement warehousing measures that’ll improve your operations and increase efficiency. Technology has contributed to powerful advancements in how warehousing managers orient their resources and interact with their customers.

People use technology to utilize their resources in a better way and make their operations seamless and straightforward. Technology also plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to scale by implementing their resources better.

Imagine how much potential an automated warehousing system has and how much value it can add to your business. It can fast-track operations, notify you about real-time inventory status, and ultimately help keep customers happy with your fast and efficient services. 

What Is A Smart Warehouse & Why Do You Need One?

An intelligent warehouse will be an updated version of a warehouse with multiple technological advancements. Installing smart technologies will help your business produce better profits. This would further enable you to optimize operations.

What IS A Warehouse

There can be many benefits of having a smart warehouse, and here are a few of them listed below-

  1. Smart warehouses can help automate processes, thereby improving the efficiency of the workflow and reducing the risk of error.
  2. With the help of technology, you can process and use data better to study consumer behaviour, market trends, and much more. 
  3. You can assess and manage your business requirements better with the help of smart warehousing.
Types Of Smart Warehouses

Smart Warehouse Technologies You Must Adopt

1. Comprehensive Management System 

The warehouse management system, or WMS, is software designed to fit your business’s needs, and this can change how you manage your warehouse entirely. 

This software contains all necessary information and updates about your business – including real-time updates about orders, order processing, shipments, delivery, inventory, and much more. This will also give you a bird’s eye view or visibility of what’s going around your business at any time. It also makes all data available to your network, helping automate most things for your business. 

2. IoT In Warehouse

IoT helps you to synchronize data in just one platform and helps you with inventory control. With IoT-enabled inventory management systems, managers can quickly realize when to restock their inventory in advance. 

Not only this, IoT also helps in keeping goods safe from theft, damage and much more. Similarly, using devices such as temperature sensors can help prevent your goods from perishing due to inadequate storage conditions. This can be really important for you if you deal in cold chain products. There is only so much that one can do manually. But relying on technology can make it more convenient, efficient, and flawless!

3. Automation In Warehousing 

With Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) technology, you can reduce the need for manual labour and replace it with reliable and fast-paced robots. These robots are usually even better than their human counterparts. And there are already robots that can perform tasks like picking up items, packaging, picking pallets and transporting them, and more. 

More simple AMRs are mentioned below-

  • Driverless Forklifts – Can be used to pick up heavy pallets, drive to the desired location, and drop off the goods carefully. 
  • Conveyor Belts – Quickens the pace of the movement of goods.
  • Drones – Can be used to pick and drop goods from one location to another without disrupting other tasks.

4. Blockchain Technology 

Most of us get intimidated when we think about blockchain technology. It is only because we are unaware of what it is and how it can help us! Blockchain is an innovative way of record-keeping that can be implemented in a warehouse to improve operational efficiency and security. This method can ensure data security and can also make record-keeping tamper-resistant. 

Competing businesses can often resort to methods like hacking data to understand the progress or harm your business by putting false data, and blockchain can prevent your systems from getting tampered with. This will also lead to improving accountability in the workplace and not to mention increasing transparency. 

Shiprocket’s Solution

Shiprocket Fulfillment has fulfillment centers located in different cities across India. This means you can decentralize your inventory, store it closer to buyers, and save on shipping costs while providing one-day and two-day delivery options. 

Not just this (Shiprocket Fulfillment Testimonial), the right technology stack like warehouse management systems, order management systems, and logistics operations to enable your business for expedited deliveries. We are also equipped to reduce your order-to-ship time and meet the stringent requirements of marketplaces.

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