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Products That Strictly Require Temperature-Controlled Storage

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

July 29, 2021

4 min read

When deciding to rent a warehousing unit, many eCommerce sellers come across a question – whether to rent temperature-controlled storage or a regular one. Climate-controlled warehousing maintains a consistent temperature throughout the warehousing unit. Some units even provide enhanced humidity control. Although a climate-controlled storage unit might be expensive compared to other units, it can offer more peace of mind when storing valuable products that can be damaged due to extreme temperatures.

Temperature-controlled storage

They are highly recommended when you store products for a longer time or in extreme cold, heat, or humidity areas. A lot can happen to the products when they are stored in a warehouse. Moisture can build up, or pests are common. So, how do you ensure that they are safe all the time while sitting in a storage unit?

What is a Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage is a warehousing unit where steady temperature and humidity levels are maintained throughout the unit. Typically, the temperature is between 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature and humidity are important factors as they create moisture and affect the products’ shelf life.

Products that Need Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Let us now take a look at the items that require climate-control storage units:

Household Appliances

The electronic or mechanical parts of household appliances are temperature sensitive. Very hot or cold temperatures can cause cracks or rust on the appliances. It can even permanently damage the products. Humidity can also lead to fungi like mold or mildew grow inside the appliances.

So, if the product is stored in areas where humidity or moisture is present, you must consider renting out a temperature-controlled warehouse. You can conveniently store your household appliances products, like microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, or dryers without worrying about them.


For customers, buying season-specific clothing can be expensive. It is a practical idea to keep the season-specific clothing in climate-controlled storage to make them last longer. Storing products in the storage units will help keep the clothes in good shape while also clearing some usable space in the shop shelves/godown. It is suggested that before you store your clothes in a storage unit, you can put them in a plastic storage box for an added protection.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden products can warp or even rot when exposed to moisture for a long time period. So, store wooden furniture like table, chair, bed, décor, or more away from moisture. If you plan to store your wooden products for a long time, then it is a good idea to store them in a climate-controlled unit.

Not only wooden products but also storing leather products in high moisture areas can also cause the material to crack. Or the material can also get fungus or discolored. So, if you have expensive leather pieces, it is essential that you store them in a temperature-controlled unit to keep them safe.

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Climate control storage is critical for photos. If stored in a hot environment, the photos can deteriorate, stick together, or even fade. Imagine how the buyers will feel if they receive your product in that condition. So, you can store the photos or photo albums in a climate-controlled storage unit.

This will prevent the images from possible damage and ensure they reach the buyers in the best condition.

Musical Instruments

High-quality musical investments are very costly. They are very delicate items and certainly require care in climate-controlled conditions, even for a short duration.

Besides, heat can also damage the adhesives used to hold the instruments together. For example, the piano has keys and the guitar has strings that can be damaged by humidity or moisture. Similarly, musical instruments made of brass can be damaged due to humidity or heat.

A climate-controlled storage unit aims to preserve the items’ quality and increase their shelf life. Temperature-controlled storage units help in maintaining the integrity of the products. They also help in offering a pleasant customer experience as the products reach the customers in good condition. The products that we have talked about above as just a few examples that require to be stored in a climate-controlled unit. To discuss if your products require temperature control, you can also talk about it with the warehouse operator. The ultimate goal of storing products in a cold-storage warehouse is to keep them safe and in good condition.

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