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Inside Myntra’s Logistics: A Deep Dive into Myntra PPMP Model


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 17, 2024

7 min read

eCommerce has been a thriving business model in recent years. This is largely due to the evolution of online marketplaces into pro-seller platforms with analytics-driven processes. The simplification has improved seller navigation and enhanced business performance. An example is the ‘Myntra PPMP Model’ and the ‘M-Direct models,’ which give sellers flexibility in the type of market they want to operate. With  Myntra logistics, sellers can have worry-free shipping at affordable rates. Let us now explore these features to know how sellers can benefit from it!

Myntra’s logistics has reportedly led to a surge in the domestic market, recording over 33 million visits in May 2023. 

Inside Myntra's Logistics

What is Myntra’s M-Direct Model?

Myntra PPMP is a platform-centric process that was developed to address the need for simpler processes and easy navigation for sellers.  It gives them a user-friendly interface to manage their inventory and process orders for a fixed fee. A part of these services is the M-Direct model that allows sellers to directly engage with buyers.

Once a seller receives an order, the product is picked, checked for quality and packaged for shipping. Myntra’s logistics services then collect the packages and take them to a Myntra warehouse. The packages are arranged as per region for faster dispatch.  

The Role of Myntra’s M-Direct Model Within the System

One of the most progressive designs of the eCommerce operation is Myntra’s M-Direct model. It originated as a B2C model but evolved into an integrated service on Myntra. It simplifies the entire order fulfillment phase and nearly automates it. The orders are handled item-by-item in this model. 

Sellers can use the M-Direct model with these steps:

  • Log in to the Partner Portal
  • Go to Partner Portal > Order Fulfillment > MDirect
  • Follow the steps in the “How to use software” section
  • Use the software

M-Direct model working is best illustrated with an example. If a customer wants to order a sports shoe:

  • The customer arrives at the seller’s catalogue, and product listing and places the order. 
  • The first notification is to the seller via the order management system
  • Now, it is the turn of the seller to pick and pack the item and print the shipping labels and invoices. 
  • Orders are processed automatically and within minutes
  • Orders are sorted by SKU and are available in PDF format for printing

However, when a seller uses the M-Direct option to trade on Myntra, they will not be able to use the native warehouse-management system, but Myntra’s logistics only. 

Advantages of Myntra PPMP

Myntra provides a diverse range of products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. Here are some other advantages of Myntra Seller Portal: 

  • Myntra offers discounted deals and easy returns on goods.
  • Sellers have full control over their merchandise.
  • Businesses can handle orders, catalogues, the number of goods, and product quality.

Benefits of Myntra’s PPMP

Sellers using Myntra’s PPMP benefit sellers in the following ways:  

  • Faster turnaround of orders.  
  • Regular and consistent payments ensure steady cash flow to sellers   
  • Addresses refunds faster. Ensures payback between 1–2 business days.
  • Direct payment file upload on Myntra PPMP portal for faster, more accurate and valid payment processes  
  • Tracking  pending returns is easier with Myntra PPMP 
  • No pick and pack fee as sellers pay Myntra fixed fees, commission, and logistics fees.  

Myntra PPMP and the Seller Portal

Sellers can leverage Myntra PPMP only by creating their Merchant ID from Myntra. PPMP offers several features that allow sellers to have a better business. Sellers need to integrate with Myntra PPMP to synchronise orders with desired warehouses, and multiple stores to process orders. They can opt to use their native order management system using APIs.  

While PPMP is the overarching platform on Myntra. M-Direct and PPMP differ in a few aspects. M-Direct sellers have to reserve a percentage of their inventory exclusively to Myntra. On the other hand, PPMP has an open inventory system and does not require any inventory in ‘reserve.’Hence, PPMP offers sellers better flexibility. 

When a Seller is accessing Seller Portal via Myntra PPMP, some key functions can be managed only via the Seller Portal. These are: 

  • Updating new style catalogues 
  • Updating discounts 
  • Handling issues via compliant tickets 
  • Reviewing reports, order cancellation, fulfillment, return rates, fulfilment performance
  • Operational reports for listing, inventory details 
  • Financial reports including commission, settlements and unsettled payment details. 

Sellers should use order management software for improved analytics insight. 

Integrating with Myntra’s Partial Pick, Multiple Pack system

Myntra is known to use local partners to establish logistics performance to deliver orders across India. To fulfill orders, Myntra has courier partners such as Shiprocket. They help sellers with order fulfillment and supply chain management with their modular partial pick and multiple pack systems.

Shiprocket  as the expert end-to-end fulfillment solution partner on Myntra, offers the platform’s sellers many benefits like: 

  1. Seamless integration with Myntra platform utilising  Shiprocket’s easy-to-integrate features. 
  2. Well-established warehousing and inventory Management. Shiprocket’s expansive fulfillment centers ensure easy inventory access across sales channels. It provides replenishment reminders to enhance inventory management. 
  3. Fast-paced order processing with automated pick and process for 99.5% accuracy rates
  4. Express delivery with a strong network that connects over 29,000 pin codes, saving over 45% on shipping costs.

Myntra PPMP is managed via Pretr, a flexible platform that gives sellers an option to integrate their native order management system. Users of eCommerce management solutions from Shiprocket choose to add Pretr as a channel. This allows them to manage Myntra PPMP orders, inventory, and more from a single dashboard.  Shiprocket order management system (OMS) automatically provides tracking data to your customer and back to your Myntra business.

To integrate with Myntra’s Systems, Sellers will have to do the following: 

  • In the settings, choose Channels
  • Press the button
  • Fill in and save the channel details
  • Once connectors are connected, configure all related parameters
  • Sellers can also add Pretr as a channel if they have their own order management system.


Myntra’s PPMP business model and Myntra Logistics have opened up the eCommerce world for sellers. With better control of inventory management, sellers can provide differentiated product listings to their buyers on Myntra. With Myntra Logistics, sellers can work with fast-paced, reliable shipping carriers at competitive prices. Hence, Myntra gives businesses the ideal ecosystem to strategically opt for the right product niche and audience targeting backed by automated logistic services. 

Is there a tracking facility with Myntra logistics?

Yes, Myntra Logistics has a tracking number for each order. It generates these by collaborating with partner courier service providers. You need to track the number on the order on the partner website. 

Who runs Myntra?

From 2014 onwards, Myntra is owned by Flipkart, following its acquisition for USD 250 million. But Myntra continues to function and operate independently. It was co-founded by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena.

How to join Myntra as a seller?

You will have to be a registered Indian legal business to register on Myntra. When you arrive at their website, you will have to fill out the necessary form and provide documentation. After approval from Myntra, you can start selling.

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Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

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