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A-Z of Distribution Logistics [Infographic]

May 30, 2022

1 min read

Distribution is an important part of your eCommerce business strategy. Without appropriate distribution channels set up for your business, your product can never reach your end customer on time. You need to invest time and resources to establish streamlined and optimized distribution channels to reduce time, operational costs, and delivery charges for your products. After the covid-19 pandemic, supply chains worldwide have been affected drastically.

What is distribution logistics.

You need to secure a channel for your distribution that enables you to reach your customers and maintain the delivery standard you have set up. Hence, understanding the concepts of distribution logistics is more important than ever today and as the supply chains slowly recuperate, you can have an edge over your competitors in how you offer eCommerce delivery solutions to your customers. Let’s have a look at what distribution logistics is and its various aspects. 

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Vijay Kumar

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

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Vijay Kumar

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

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