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Best 3PL(Third Party Logistics) Companies In Bangalore


Danish Khan

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

February 28, 2023

7 min read

The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, is a hub of startups and businesses that require efficient logistics and supply chain management. Lately, eCommerce platforms have proliferated across the region, and there is an urgent need to match customer expectations for timely and accurate delivery. This has led to most platforms seeking third-party logistics (3PL) companies in Bengaluru to outsource order fulfillment services. According to a recent study, most US-based Fortune 500 companies outsource nearly 86% of their logistics and supply services to 3PL providers. 

best 3pl companies in bengaluru

There are several established 3PL companies in Bengaluru, and players, such as Shiprocket Fulfillment, dominate the market. Who are the other service providers? 

In this article, let us explore how to choose the right 3PL company for your business.

Top 5 3PL Companies In Bangalore

1. DHL

DHL is a leading 3PL company in Bengaluru that offers a range of supply chain solutions to businesses, including transportation, warehousing, and distribution. They have a vast network of warehouses across the city and use advanced technologies for inventory management and order fulfillment.

2. FedEx

FedEx is another trusted 3PL company in Bengaluru specializing in supply chain management, including warehousing and transportation. Their state-of-the-art warehouses are equipped with cutting-edge technology for efficient order processing and inventory management.

3. Shiprocket Fulfillment

It provides customized solutions for businesses of all sizes, making it a preferred choice for small to mid-sized e-commerce companies. By leveraging its vast network of carriers, Shiprocket Fulfillment enables businesses to access a range of shipping options at competitive rates, ensuring their products are delivered to customers on time and in good condition.

4. TVS Logistics

TVS Logistics is a leading 3PL company in Bengaluru that offers a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions, including warehousing, transportation, and value-added services. They have a vast network of warehouses across the city, equipped with the latest technology for efficient order processing and inventory management.

5. Agility Logistics

Agility Logistics is a global 3PL company with a strong presence in Bengaluru, providing end-to-end supply chain solutions to businesses across various industries. Their services include transportation, warehousing, and distribution, and they use advanced technology and automation to ensure efficient operations.

These 3PL companies in Bengaluru have a proven track record of providing businesses with reliable and efficient order fulfillment and warehousing services, helping them streamline their supply chain and reduce costs. Choosing the right 3PL company for your business depends on factors such as your specific needs, budget, and the company’s reputation and capabilities.

Why Should Your Business Use a Third-Party Logistics Provider?

A business should choose to use a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for the following reasons: 

  • Scaling issues: If your business is proliferating and you need additional support to handle increased demand, a 3PL provider can offer the necessary resources and expertise to scale your logistics operations quickly.
  • Enhance customer experience: They help improve the customer experience by handling order fulfillment, shipping, and other logistics processes more efficiently and effectively.
  • Entering new markets: If you want to expand your business into new markets, these providers help navigate the logistics challenges of entering new territories, such as shipping, customs, and regulatory compliance.

Lower overhead logistics costs: By outsourcing your logistics operations, 3PL providers can reduce the overhead costs associated with maintaining your own logistics infrastructure, such as warehousing, transportation, and staffing.

3PL Companies in Bangalore: Services They Provide

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers in Bengaluru offer a range of services to businesses to help them manage their supply chain and logistics operations. Some of the solutions provided by 3PL companies in Bengaluru include:

  • Order fulfillment: 3PL providers help businesses manage their order fulfillment process. This includes receiving orders, picking and packing products, and shipping them to customers. By outsourcing order fulfillment to 3PL companies, businesses can save time and focus on their core competencies.
  • Inventory management: 3PL companies help businesses manage their inventory by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of stock levels. By outsourcing inventory management to 3PL companies, businesses can reduce costs associated with overstocking or understocking products.
  • Reverse logistics: 3PL companies help businesses manage their returns and exchanges efficiently. This includes handling the reverse logistics, from receiving returned products to processing refunds or exchanges.
  • Expedited shipping: 3PL companies offer expedited shipping options to businesses that require faster delivery times. This helps businesses meet tight deadlines and keep customers satisfied.
  • Warehousing and distribution: 3PL companies provide warehousing and distribution services to businesses. They help businesses store their products in safe and secure facilities and ensure that products are delivered to customers on time and in good condition.

By utilizing the services of 3PL companies, businesses can reduce costs, enhance delivery performance, and improve customer satisfaction. 3PL providers also bring in their expertise in logistics management, technology, and talent to help businesses accelerate their growth and expand their business operations.

How Can These Solutions Benefit Your Business?

By partnering with a 3PL company in Bengaluru, businesses can benefit from a range of advantages, including:

  • Reduced costs: 3PL companies in Bengaluru can help businesses reduce costs associated with managing their supply chain and logistics operations. By outsourcing these functions, businesses can save on labor costs, warehousing expenses, and shipping costs.
  • Enhanced delivery performance: 3PL companies can help businesses improve their delivery performance by offering faster shipping times, better tracking capabilities, and more reliable delivery services. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: 3PL companies can help businesses improve their customer satisfaction by providing better delivery options, faster response times, and improved product handling.
  • Access to techniques, talent, and technology: 3PL companies in Bengaluru bring in their logistics management, skill, and technological expertise to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations and accelerate growth.
  • Accelerated business expansion: 3PL companies can help businesses expand their operations by offering scalable logistics solutions that can accommodate business growth and expansion. 

End-to-end logistics: 3PL companies in Bengaluru offer end-to-end logistics solutions, from product storage to final delivery, ensuring businesses have a comprehensive logistics system to support their operations.

How to Choose The Best 3PL Provider for Your Business?

When choosing a 3PL provider, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Delivery performance: Look for a 3PL provider with a reliable and timely delivery track record.
  • Global presence: If you’re planning to expand your business globally, choosing a 3PL provider with a strong worldwide presence and experience in international logistics is essential.
  • Price: Consider the costs associated with the 3PL provider’s services, including fees for warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment.
  • Industry experience and reputation: Choose a 3PL provider with experience and a good reputation. Ideally, review their references and case studies to evaluate the provider’s expertise.
  • Range of services: Choose a 3PL provider that offers the specific services you need, such as warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment. Evaluate the provider’s technology and systems to ensure they can integrate with your systems.

Overall, it’s essential to choose a 3PL provider that can offer the right mix of services, expertise, and value for money. Consider your specific needs and priorities when evaluating potential providers.


Using a 3PL provider can benefit your business in many ways, including scaling support, improved customer experience, reaching new markets, and lower logistics costs. When choosing a 3PL company in Bengaluru, it’s essential to consider factors such as delivery performance, global presence, charges, industry experience and reputation, and the range of services they offer.

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