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List of Logistics Companies in Ahmedabad You Can Trust

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

January 27, 2023

6 min read

Gujarat is often called a conveyor belt of successful businesses, and it has produced well-known and extremely successful entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani and Gautam Adani. The city has always played a prominent role in the Indian economy as well. And gradually, with time, Ahmedabad has become a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

With so many small and new eCommerce businesses operating in Ahmedabad, many logistics companies in Ahmedabad have also emerged parallelly. So, if you are also looking to partner with a logistics company in Ahmedabad, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, we shall discuss the top 10 logistics companies you can trust in Ahmedabad.

Top Logistics Companies in Ahmedabad

1. Kenn Global Logistics

Established in 1987, Kenn Global Logistics is one of the best logistics service providers in Ahmedabad. It offers end-to-end global trade services for importers and exporters operating in India. Kenn Global Logistics has national and international offices throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia, and the UK.

Their wide range of services includes sea, air, and road freight, railways logistics, door-to-door services, packaging services, and customs clearance. With their fully integrated system, you can track your package from pickup to delivery. Kenn Global Logistics also offers customized solutions as per customer needs. The company has served big companies like Godrej, Charliee, Raymond, Siyaram’s, and Reliance Industries Limited. 

2. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was founded in 1871, and today, it is one of the biggest logistics providers. Headquartered in Germany, the company has 264 offices worldwide and ships 20 million shipments yearly. Its offerings include air, sea, road, and rail freight, contract logistics, customs brokerage, and special services.

With Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, you can also track your shipments from pickup to delivery.

offer same/next day delivey

3. DHE Shipping Services

DHE Shipping Services is a logistics and shipping service provider in Ahmedabad that offers freight forwarding, customs clearing, and logistics services. DHE Shipping Services also offer warehousing and insurance services. The company has catered to a wide range of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Agro, Textile, Food, and Hotel Industries. DHE Shipping Services has a global network in 100+ countries.

4. Agility Logistics Private Limited

Founded in 1979, Agility Logistics offers faster and resilient supply chain services in India. Their services include fuel logistics, last-mile delivery, airport services, and eCommerce logistics. The company also offers warehousing services and is one of the largest private owners of warehousing units. Agility Group operates in 65+ countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

5. Shiprocket Fulfillment

Headquartered in Delhi, Shiprocket Fulfillment is a shipping and third-party logistics company operating in all major cities in India, including Ahmedabad. You can store your products in their 45+ tech-enabled fulfillment centers across India and offer your customers same-day and next-day delivery. You can save on shipping costs by storing inventory closer to your buyers.

Shiprocket Fulfillment enables you to ship orders to 24,000+ pin codes with 25+ top courier partners. Also, you can integrate your sales channel with their platform and manage and process your orders conveniently. You get access to real-time order tracking and can provide your customers the best post-purchase experience.

6. Reliable Cargo Movers and Packers

Reliable Cargo Movers and Packers has been fulfilling Ahmedabad’s logistics requirements since its establishment in 2002. As a trusted logistics provider, they specialise in transportation, packing, and moving services. Understanding the unique challenges faced by eCommerce outlets, it offers customised logistics solutions to support their operations. 

Their services include safe and secure transportation, efficient inventory management, and hassle-free last-mile delivery. With their reliable services and attention to detail, Reliable Cargo Movers and Packers ensure that eCommerce businesses in Ahmedabad can effectively manage their logistics processes and meet customer expectations.

7. Spectrum

Established in 2012, Spectrum Logistics is a reliable logistics provider serving Ahmedabad. Their services span across transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and supply chain management. 

Spectrum Logistics recognises the unique requirements of eCommerce outlets and offers tailored logistics solutions to support their operations. It supports ecommerce outlets in Ahmedabad to optimise their supply chain operations and provide exceptional customer experiences. 


With a founding year in 1990, DTDC Express Limited has been a trusted logistics provider in Ahmedabad for several decades. Their extensive range of services includes courier delivery, freight forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain solutions. 

Recognising the significance of eCommerce, it offers tailored logistics support to online businesses in Ahmedabad. Their services encompass efficient order processing, order tracking, and reliable last-mile delivery. By partnering with DTDC, eCommerce outlets can leverage their extensive network and expertise to meet the increasing demands of their customers.


GSEC (Gujarat State Export Corporation) is a trusted logistics provider that has been serving Ahmedabad’s logistics needs for several years. Their services encompass freight forwarding, transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. One way to meet the needs of the eCommerce industry has to offer solutions that are driven by real-time tracking of orders.  

By leveraging their industry expertise and commitment to excellence, GSEC Limited enables eCommerce outlets to expand their reach and deliver a superior shopping experience to their customers.

10. Rivigo 

After beginning services in 2014, Rivigo has become a very strong player in meeting the needs of modern businesses that need mobile-based solutions. It understands the challenges faced by eCommerce outlets and provides specialised support to enhance their logistics and operations. They leverage technology-driven solutions such as real-time tracking, optimised routing, and efficient last-mile delivery. 

By partnering with Rivigo, businesses in Ahmedabad can benefit from their unique approach to logistics, ensuring faster and more reliable order fulfillment. They have multiple collection centers across the country, and this helps Rivigo Services to deliver your parcels to the last mile. 


While choosing a shipping partner in Ahmedabad, you must consider various factors to ensure you zero in on the best option. You need to ensure that your shipping partner is flexible as per your business needs and changes in business operations. To grow, you must also be selling products on multiple sales channels. You must ensure that you can integrate all major sales channels with your logistics partner to process orders seamlessly. Besides, the logistics company you choose should also be tech-enabled and well-equipped with OMS, WMS, and other such features.

Shiprocket Fulfillment

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